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Look great for under $100 - Mix dressy and casual!

You know that moment when you are boring even yourself. When you look in your closet and think "?!@?$#?>%" .... (interpretation: "I swear I am more saucy than this!") Don't fret my friends. At that moment it is time to start mixing and matching...when it feels awkward you probably onto something good. (Eh, take that one with a grain of salt :) Start mixing together things that you normally wouldn't! For instance....mix something dressy (like a black dress) with tennis shoes! I put together this look with gold ones but a pair of converse are always a fun combo.

Enjoy this look and if you decide to get this look let me know how you like it! See you next Tuesday ya'll.

Stay sassy/classy/but never trashy,



Hey Abigail's look great for under $100 - black and gold!


Shift dress


H&M leather shoes
$39 - hm.com


Rock jewelry
$28 - diva.net.au



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