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New Years Resolutions lies

It's the New Year and it may feel like a fresh start or a clean slate. But that's just untrue. We go into the New Year being influenced and changed by each decision (both big or small) that we made in the previous year. We bring in the same habits, tendencies, and choices...both good and bad. Time and time alone doesn't change us and afford new opportunity. But our ownership and recognition that each decision shapes us as well as the following year(s), does. (Mixed with a good dose of action)

We sit back and wonder why we never seem to be able to keep our New Years resolutions. It's because changing our behavior takes more than a verbal commitment and a magical time of year. It takes hard work and focus on changing the behavior that lands us in the same spot with the same resolutions time and time again. The New Year has no power. But you certainly do.



We can't do it alone,


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