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Christmas Eve Swag

So, I really wanted to wear my patterned tights for Christmas Eve. The only problem? I didn't have a dress that wasn't crazy formal.

So I improvised.

I went in my closet only to find a sweater that was used 3 years a go for an ugly Christmas sweater party. (This post would be 1000% better if I could find the picture from when I first wore it. Although lets be honest I'm kind of glad I can't. I was going through a brown haired phase...my head looked pathetic.)

So here's how to recreate the super easy look.

1.) Grab your mom or dad's old hideous sweater. The bigger the better.

2.) Throw on patterned tights.

3.) Put on some sassy boots. Combat preferred.

4.) Ears optional. Fun is not.

Happy Christmas Eve ladies!!!

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